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Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller
Nvis 455/Nvis 455A

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Product Description

Nvis 455 is a 6A solar charge controller and Nvis 455A is a microcontroller based 10A solar charge controller. These charge controllers are designed to monitor the battery voltage during charging and discharging. It disconnects the solar panel when battery is fully charged and disconnects the load when battery is discharged up to a predefined voltage. It again connects the solar panel when battery voltage decreases, and connects the load when battery voltage increases. This product will provide a long life to your battery.

Product Features

  •  LED Indications
  •  Durable and attractive
  •  Overload protection
  •  Shortcircuit protection
  •  Easy to Install

Technical Specification

Maximum Charging Current 6A(Nvis 455) 10A(Nvis 455A)
LED Indications (A) Charging (B) Battery Low
System Operating Voltage 12V DC

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