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Solar Crop Dryer

Solar Crop Dryer
Nvis 681/683

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Product Description

Sun drying for preservation of food stuff has been a traditional practice since ancient times. The basic principle in sun drying is to get food stuff dehydrated. In this manner many types of food items can be stored for a longer period of time, and can be packaged appropriately and transported over longer distances.

The Solar Crop Dryer employs similar process combined with scientific engineering for the purpose of hygienic food preservation in less time. Solar Crop Dr yer make use of solar radiation, ambient temperature, relative humidity. It also incorporates forced air circulation by opting for a Solar fan to enhance dehydration process. It is easy to install in a suitable place where there is bright sunlight.

Product Features

  • Cabinet or chamber temperature up to 60° C
  • Solar operated fan for air circulation
  • Trays for loading materials to be dried
  • Fully detachable

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