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To provide clean energy Nvis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers grid connected and off-grid Photovoltaic Power plants. With a range starting from few kW to hundreds of kW, we provide the complete turnkey plants. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission high performance solar projects. Our highly skilled and dedicated EPC team ensures the completion of each Solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance at affordable prices.

Our Team

Our employees are not just engineers, sales professionals or production experts, they are a passionate team, giving their best to spread and deploy clean energy for everyone.

Our Management

The Solar revolution is going global, so it’s important that it is led by an experienced and competent team. Their expertise in Solar allows them to draw out the synergy of cooperation between different departments, from Research & Development, Operations to customer satisfaction. Generating power for everybody is something our management believes in strongly. We are a company that not only respects every individual, but also encourages the culture of free exchange of ideas and initiatives for a greener planet.

Automatic & Intelligent Weather Monitoring System

Nvis 6010

Solar Charge Controller

Nvis 455/Nvis 455A

GSM Remote Control

Nvis 650

Solar Crop Dryer

Nvis 681/683

Ultra Portable Solar Cooker

Nvis 445T

Air Purifier

Nvis 952

Air Purifier

Car Purifier

Air Purifier

Room Purifier

Mosquito Trap

Nvis 91


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