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Operational Amplifier Lab

Operational Amplifier Lab
Nvis 6578

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Product Description

Nvis 6578 Operational Amplifier Lab is a unique product covering the important concepts, theory and applications of operational amplifier circuits. An operational amplifier is a direct-coupled high gain amplifier usually consisting of one or more differential amplifiers followed by a level translator and an output stage.

The operational amplifier is a device that can be used to amplify DC as well as AC input signals. It was originally designed for computing mathematical functions such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Integration.

Using Nvis 6578 students can perform experiments of OP-AMP circuits like Inverting amplifier, Non Inverting amplifier, Adder, Subtractor, Differentiator, Integrator, Comparator, etc. Nvis 6578 has on-board Resistors, Capacitors and Potentiometers of different values. Breadboard allows construction of circuits using external components and on-board resources.

Nvis 6578, Operational Amplifier Lab is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  •  Comprehensive portable platform to perform over 15 experiments
  •  In-built power supply
  •  Breadboard
  •  In-built function generator
  •  Compact design
  •  Learning material CD

Scope of Learning

Study of Operational Amplifier as:

  • Inverting Amplifier

  • Non - inverting Amplifier

  • Buffer

  • Comparator

  • Adder

  • Subtractor

  • Square Wave Generator

  • Differentiator and its working as High Pass Filter

  • Integrator and its working as Low Pass Filter

  • Logarithmic Amplifier 

  • Voltage Controlled Current Source

  • Current Controlled Voltage Source

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