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Explore The World of Science & Electronics

Explore The World of Science & Electronics
Discovery Series

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Nvis has designed an exciting range of Educational Toys and Hobby Kits that are bound to challenge and stimulate children’s intellectual development. It helps the children to improve their concentration, logic skills and hand to eye coordination.



Beginner Level Models

Water Level Indicator Nvis 01D
Clap Switch Nvis 02D
Power Supply Failure Alarm Nvis 14D
Temperature Indicator Nvis 15D
Light Control System Nvis 08D
Fire Alarm Nvis 20D
LASER Switch Nvis 21D
Simple Electronics Bell Nvis 23D
Simple Musical Bel Nvis 25D


Intermediate Level Models

Flashing LED's Nvis 03D
Water Pump Controller cum
Motor Timer Nvis 04D
Traffic Light Controller Nvis 05D
Audio Level Indicator Nvis 06D
Binary to Decimal Display Nvis 07D
Burglar Alarm Nvis 18D
BCD to 7-Segment Display Nvis 13D
Touch Bell Nvis 19D
IR Switch Nvis 24D
Infrared Remote Switch Nvis 26D
Binary to Dot Matrix Display Nvis 27D


Advanced Level Models

Timer Nvis 09D
Temperature Indicator
using Micro controller Nvis 10D
Stepper Motor Controller Nvis 11D
Stopwatch Nvis 12D
Development Board Nvis 16D
Magnetic Field Indicator Nvis 17D
RPM Meter with LCD Nvis 29D
Ultrasonic Distance Meter Nvis 31D
Frequency Meter with LCD Nvis 31D
Bidirectional Visitor Counter Nvis 32D
Code Lock System with LCD Nvis 33D
Arduino Fio Based Zigbee Nvis 35D
IR Counter with LCD Nvis 36D



Homopolar DC motor Nvis 101D
Eddy Current Nvis 102D
Newton's Disc Nvis 103D
Magics of Nanotechnology Nvis 104D
Solar Cell Kit Nvis 105D
Wind Turbine Nvis 107D

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