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BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor Training System

BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor Training System
Nvis 7024

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Product Description

Nvis 7024 BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor Training System is an adaptable training solution for electrical laboratories. In a brushed DC motor, feedback is implemented using a mechanical commutator and brushes that decrease motor efficiency and reliability, and increase noise . These drawbacks have been resolved in BLDC motors by using feedback sensors. The most commonly used sensors are Hall Effect sensors and optical encoders. BLDC motors are also lighter compared to brushed motor with the same power output.

Nvis 7024 product provides a comprehensive learning experience for operational working of BLDC motors through experiments such as running and reversing, torque-speed characteristics, load characteristics, electrical braking, speed controlling using PWM technique, etc.

Product Features

  • Provided with built in speed measurement
  • High grade FRP material enclosure
  • Brake-Drum Pulley with heat suppression facility
  • Machine with mechanical loading arrangement
  • Exclusive and compact design
  • Diagrammatic representation for easy connections
  • Designed in adherence to safety standards

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