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Power Supply Trainer

Power Supply Trainer
Nvis 6003

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Product Description

The Power Supply Trainer NV6003 is a comprehensive training system for the laboratories. It is useful in understanding the various concepts of a DC Power Supply. As we know that power supply is a very basic element of any electronic circuit or appliance. Starting from a mobile charger to a huge Computer system, each needs an efficient Power Supply. It is essential for an engineer to know basic concepts of Electronic Power Supplies.

This trainer describes the Transformer, Rectifiers, Filters, Regulators, Role of Bleeder resistor, Load and Line regulation etc. While performing any experiment students have to connect the links by patch cords so it is very helpful for students to learn the inputs and

NV6003, Power Supply Trainer is an ideal platform to enhance education, vocational training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Real time appearance of components
  • Test points are provided in different sections of Power Supply
  • Demonstration bridge
  • Designed by considering all the safety standards
  • Provided with a detailed Operating manual
  • Low cost yet including many experiments

Scope of Learning

  • Study of Transformers and its working

  • Study of Two diode Full Wave Rectifier

  • Study of Full Wave Bridge Rectifier

  • Study of Demonstration Bridge

  • Study of Ripple Factor and to calculate Ripple Factor of Half Wave, Full Wave and Bridge Rectifier

  • Study of LC and  filter

  • Study of Bleeder Resistor and its effect on load current

  • Study of Zener Diode as Regulator

  • Study of Positive Regulated Supply

  • Study of Negative Regulated Supply

  • Study of Adjustable Regulated Supply

  • Study of Line Regulation

  • Study of Load Regulation


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