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Radar Trainer

Product Description

Nvis 2001 RADAR Trainer is a useful classroom training equipment provided with different types of accessories for experimentation, � and a Windows based software for observation and calculation of different parameters. On-board Test points are provided, which enable students to observe the signals on an Oscilloscope or a PC.

The trainer is capable of measuring the Speed of Object, Frequency of Vibrations and RPM of any fan. Students can also study the properties of different types of materials like Metal, Acrylic, Teflon, Bakelite, etc.

Product Features

  • Complete hardware and software setup to demonstrate Radar concepts
  • Signals study on Software / Oscilloscope with the help of test points given on trainer
  • Object Counter provided on trainer
  • Real time fan RPM measurements and vibrations measurements with the help of tuning forks
  • Tripod stand provided for height and level matching
  • LED Indication for Doppler Echo Signal
  • On board alarm for detected signals

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