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Wave and Propagation Trainer

Wave and Propagation Trainer
Nvis 2000

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Product Description

The NV2000 Wave and Propagation Trainer is a useful training system for the Laboratories. It helps student to learn Wave Properties and Propagation results. Concepts of Reflection, Refraction, Polarization, Interference, Standing waves, Interferometer can be understood very easily.

The setup is mainly consists of Microwave Transmitter, Microwave Receiver, Goniometer scale. Alongwith this setup lot of accessories are provided to perform different experiments. A user friendly manual is provided with this system to help student in performing the experiments and to understand the topic theoretically.

NV2000, Wave and Propagation Trainer is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • A Complete set for Transmission, Reception and Measurement of Microwave Power.
  • Digital displays are provided for relative strength measurement of microwave.
  • Accessories are provided in a carrying case.
  • Complete set of accessories for performing the experiments of Reflection, Refraction, polarization Interference etc.
  • Audio / Voice communication facility is provided.
  • Provided with a detector probe for field detection.

Scope of Learning

  • To understand the Basic setup and Introduction to the given system

  • To understand the Working of Transmitter and Receive

  • To study the Standing Waves and Measure the Wavelength of Microwave

  • To study the Reflection in Microwaves

  • To study the Refraction in Microwaves (Snell's Law)

  • To study the Polarization in Microwaves

  • To study the double slit Diffraction and Interference in Microwaves

  • To study the Fabry-Perot Interferomete

  • To study the Voice Communication with the help of Microwave Receiver

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