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Compact Proto Design Maker

Compact Proto Design Maker
Nvis 70

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Product Description

If you are an impatient circuit designer who wants to replicate software design on the PCB with high precision and accuracy, and also without investing much of your valuable time and efforts, we have an exciting solution for you.

Nvis 70 Proto Design Maker provides several features which can make your life easier, you can escape cumbersome task of traditional PCB designing which involves time taking etching and drilling processes. Get rid of dealing with chemicals which often spoil your hands and are harmful to you and our environment. Provided with USB connectivity, Nvis 70 can make your desired circuits on the PCB within minutes.

Product Features

  • This is a compact personal Proto Design Maker, perfect for Engineers, hobbyists and craft makers.
  • Great for fun, study and experimentation. Not intended for production use.
  • Nvis 70 can supports gerber data from various sources and convert at into actual PCB
  • This machine also support DXF and SVG format to cut or mill desired design on various materials
  • This machine can perform milling, engraving and routing on various materials like paper phenolic, FR4 PCB, acrylic, softwood, and teflon material
  • Aluminum profile stable construction with 3 axis movable, powerful spindle motor
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