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Coulomb`s Law Demonstrator

Coulomb`s Law Demonstrator
Nvis 6012

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Product Description

Nvis 6012 Coulomb's Law Demonstrator is an important setup to understand the conceptual aspect of Coulomb's law. Coulomb''s law states that the force between two electrical charges is proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Coulombic force is one of the principle force involved in atomic reactions.

Coulomb's Law is applicable for Electric field, Gravitational field, and Magnetic field. In this product, Magnetic force is used for Coulomb's Law Apparatus. A pair of Magnets of constant and equal pole strength are mounted horizontally with varying distance. It allows the Inverse Square law to be verified with reasonable accuracy. A simple balance system is developed to measure the force between two magnets in the end on position.

Nvis 6012, Coulomb's Law Apparatus is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development among our young minds.

Product Features

  • Easy way of Magnetic Force Demonstration
  • LED Indicator
  • Infrared light detection for balancing
  • Complete Training Setup
  • Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Verification of Coulomb's Law

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