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Divergence of LASER

Divergence of LASER
Nvis 6006C

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Product Description

Nvis 6006C Divergence of LASER is an Optical setup helpful to identify characteristic of LASER beam. This product illustrates how the spreading of LASER beam enhances with respect to distance travelled in a medium. Nvis 6006C consists of Optics Bench and Measurement unit. The Measurement unit consists of variable DC power supply, voltage and current display. The Optics Bench consists of LASER source, Converging lens and Photo detector with distance measurement arrangement.

Nvis 6006C, Divergence of LASER is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  •  Sliding stand with precise measurement
  •  Precise Voltage and Current measurement
  •  Microcontroller based LCD
  •  Provided with DC supply
  •  Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • To determine the divergence of LASER beam

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