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Nvis 6000 Electricity Lab Equipment is a versatile Training System for the laboratory. It is designed such that all the basic electrical circuits can be tested. The experiments given with electricity lab kit will develop a clear understanding of series and parallel circuits, electromagnetic induction, coil behavior with AC and DC circuits, diode and transistor characteristics etc. This simple training system provides a strong platform for detailed studies in electricals and electronics.

Nvis 6000, Electricity Lab Kit is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  •  Stand-alone operation
  •  Durable, Easy to use kit
  •  Includes all the Basic Electrical fundamentals
  •  Solderless connections
  •  Complete set of coils and cores to understand the Basics of Electromagnetic induction and Transformers
  •  Provided with a component box to perform all the experiments
  •  CBT covering all the experiments
  •  Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Study of the Resistances individually as well as in series and in parallel connections

  • Study of the Ohm's Law mathematical relationship between three variable Voltage (V), Current (I) and Resistance (R)

  • Study of the Kirchhoff's Law for electrical circuits

  • Study of the R-C circuit and L-C circuit and find out its behavior as resonance circuit

  • Study of the characteristics of a semiconductor diode and transistor

  • Study of the Lenz's Law and effect of Eddy current

  • Study of Oersted experiments

  • Convert a Galvanometer into Voltmeter and Galvanometer into Ammeter

  • Construct and study a step-down transformer and step up transformer

  • Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction

  • Phenomenon of mutual induction

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