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Electrostatic Lab

Electrostatic Lab
Nvis 6002

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Product Description

Nvis 6002 Electrostatic Lab is a versatile training system to be used in the laboratories. It introduces the basic concepts of electrostatics like charging by friction, induction and conduction. With this system static charge polarity can be easily determined. This system is provided with a Digital Electroscope, Pith ball pendulum, Charge Demonstration Tube. A set of different rods and clothes are provided to study the electrostatic charges by their different combinations.

Nvis 6002, Electrostatic Lab is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Complete training system to study the fundamentals of Electrostatics
  • Electrostatic charging by Induction, Conduction, Friction
  • Digital Electroscope consists of Charge Polarity Indicator & Display
  • Provided with learning Software
  • Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • To study the Charge Induction in Electrostatics 

  • To study the Charge Conduction in Electrostatics 

  • To study the Pith ball pendulum Electroscope 

  • To study the relative charges of different rods with the help of Digital Display in millivolts 

  • To study the Electrostatic Charge with the help of Charge Demonstration Tube 

  • To study the Electrostatic Charge by the combination of different rods & cloths

Technical Specification

Digital Electroscope
Measures relative intensity of charge in millivolts
Charge Polarity Indicators
Blue LED - Negative charge, Green LED - Positive charge
Teflon, Ebonite, Perspex
Silk, Cotton, Woolen
Pith balls (with pendulum)
Single and pair is provided for different observations
Pendulum Stand
Charge Demonstration Tube
Mains Supply
230V ±10%, 50Hz
Dimensions (mm)
W 250 x D150 x H80

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