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Experimentation with De Sauty`s and Schearing Bridge

Experimentation with De Sauty`s and Schearing Bridge
Nvis 6037

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Product Description

Nvis 6037 De Sautys Bridge Experiment Setup and Schearing Bridge Experiment Setup is useful for measuring a very small value of Capacitance. By setting the null point, we can evaluate the unknown capacitance. To set this point, the null detector with amplifier circuit is implemented on platform board. Nvis 6037 is based on the principle of Wheat Stone Bridge. A Function Generator is provided for Frequency and Amplitude variation. Null detector section includes the differential amplifier, audio amplifier and speaker.

Nvis 6037, Experimentation with De Sautys and Schearing Bridge is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development among our young minds.

Product Features

  • A Complete set up with all necessary accessories
  • Inbuilt Function Generator
  • Microcontroller based Frequency Counter
  • Null detector with audio amplifier and speaker
  • Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Determination of unknown capacitance using De Sautys Bridge method

  • Determination of unknown capacitance using Schearing Bridge method 

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