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Experimentation with Solar Energy

Experimentation with Solar Energy
Nvis 6005

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Product Description

Experimentation with Solar Energy Nvis 6005 is a versatile training system to be used in laboratories. It introduces the basic concept of solar cell (photovoltaic cell) of converting sunlight directly into electrical energy. The system works as a live demonstration unit of solar cells in terms of its concepts and applications. This system is provided with Solar Energy Trainer and a Solar Panel.

Nvis 6005, Experimentation with Solar Energy is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • Complete training system to study the fundamentals of photovoltaic system
  • The system has two modes for study: Characteristics and Application Modes
  • On board voltmeter and ammeter are provided to measure the voltage and current respectively, during various modes of operation
  • Charging the batteries using solar energy
  • Weather proof solar cells
  • Portable and light weight
  • Online product tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Calculation of voltage and current of solar cells in series

  • Calculation of voltage and current of solar cells in parallel

  • Study of V-I curve and power curve of solar cells to find out maximum power point (MPP)

  • Calculation of efficiency of solar cells

  • Application of solar cells in domestic purposes: Charging of battery in load and no load condition, Operating bulb, fan and radio

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