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Hydro Turbine Energy Generator

Hydro Turbine Energy Generator
Nvis 6018

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Product Description

Nvis 6018 Hydro Turbine Energy Generator is a useful training product to learn the fundamentals of Hydro Turbine. A Hydro Turbine is a rotary engine that takes energy from flowing water. Water directly flows on blades of a turbine runner which creates a force on the blades. Since the runner is spinning, the force acts through a distance (force acting through a distance is the definition of work). In this way, energy is transferred from the water to the turbine. A nozzle is provided on the side of the casing to strike the water on the turbine blades. Here the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy by turbine.

Nvis 6018 demonstrates the application of Pelton wheel turbine by which electricity is generated to run different types of load.

Product Features

  •  A complete demonstration of conversion of Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy
  •  Good quality Pelton wheel in double hemispherical cup/bucket
  •  Compact Hydro Turbine with digital voltage and current measurement
  •  Various load applications like resistive bulb and fan are provided with the product
  •  Robust and transparent casing to observe Pelton wheel rotation with changing water flow
  •  304 grade SS tank for storing water
  •  Easily transportable
  •  Online product tutorial

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