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Solar MPPT Charge Controller Training System

Solar MPPT Charge Controller Training System
Nvis 6017

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Product Description

It is desirable to operate the PV module at the maximum power point so that maximum power can be delivered to the load under varying temperature and insolation conditions. This is where MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller comes into the play in the system.

This set up helps to understand the difference between MPPT charge controller depending on

  • Time taken by battery to get fully charged
  • To measure input power and output power to get efficiency of MPPT charge controller
  • Effect of sun tracking at different angle of inclination

Product Features

  • Performance analysis by comparing the output of the PV module with MPPT Charge Controller
  • Display units for Voltage and current measurement.
  • System integrated with MPPT charge controller along with the batteries.
  • Simple variable load demonstration by varying the rheostate.

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