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Solar Power Generation Training System

Solar Power Generation Training System
Nvis 437

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Product Description

Nvis 437 Solar Power Generation System has been designed considering the solar technology applications in harnessing electricity from Sun. It’s a eco friendly way to generate the energy from the Sun. This system will enable students to learn the basic as well as advanced concepts of Solar Photovoltaic energy generation. Being aligned with national solar mission of India we have designed this product to provide opportunity for learner to train themself. For this mission approximately 3 lac skilled professional will be required by year 2022.

Product Features

  • A unique Solar system for electricity generation.
  • Provided with meters for analysis of parameters
  • Provided with all safety protections
  • Connector Sheathed Shock proof type
  • DC Voltmeter & DC Ammeter
  • Multi Function Meter
  • MPPT type charge controller with LCD indication for monitoring the battery charging status.
  • MPPT Charge controller having protection against short circuit , output over voltage and also self- protection against excessive temperature of heat sink.
  • MPPT based charging process with four stage control, along with ATC (automatic Temperature Compensation)

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