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Solar Tracker

Product Description

Nvis 6019 Understanding Solar Tracking System is a versatile training system for study and demonstration of Solar tracking. Solar tracker is a device which tracks the motion of the Sun, thus ensuring that the maximum amount of Sunlight strikes the panels throughout the day.

Product Features

  • Complete training system to study the fundamentals of Solar Tracking
  • Microcontroller based Tracking System
  • Single-axis and Dual-axis Tracking
  • Manual, Time and Auto Modes of operation in Single-axis Solar Tracking
  • Manual mode of operation in Dual-axis Solar Tracking
  • Master Reset Switch for recovery of System
  • Emergency Motor Stop Switches
  • Tilt Sensors for sensing angle of panel with respect to horizontal plane
  • Facility for charging battery using Solar energy as well as DC supply

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 12V DC
Solar Panel
Maximum Output Power (Pm) 18W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21V DC
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 1.07A
Maximum Output Voltage (Vmp) 17V
Maximum Current (Im) 1.06A
DC Motor 12V
Rechargeable Battery 12V, 7Ah
Display 20 x 4 LCD
Light Sensor Phototransistor
Acceleration/Vibration/Tilt Sensor � 3 Axis +5V @ 1ma current
Fuse 1Amp (3 Nos.)
DC Adaptor 12V @ 1Amp
Dimension (mm) W 350 x D 280 x H 55

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