Product Detail

Educational Robot with 5 Axis moving Arm

Product Description

Nvis 3301C Educational Robot with 5 Axis Moving Arm an educational robotic arm based on ATmega 128 which provides knowledge about basic mechanical design concepts and also deals with very fascinating features like Servo motor interfacing and controlling, wireless control,  graphical TFT interfacing etc. This Moving Arm driven by the RC servo motors consists of 5 degree of freedom (DOF) which can be represented by the rotating base, shoulder, elbow, wrist and the gripper.  DC motors at its base makes it a moving robotic arm.

Product Features

  • Moving Robotic Arm
  • Wireless Wi-Fi control
  • 160x128 TFT  Color LCD interface
  • DC motor interface & control
  • Servo motor interface
  • Switch interface
  • Expansion connectors for more experiments
  • Onboard battery charger
  • PC based programming
  • Gripper for pick and place
  • Online Product Tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Learn to interface RC servo motor with ATmega128 microcontroller
  • Learn the concept of RF communication
  • Learn to interface LCD with ATmega128 microcontroller
  • Learn to interface DC motor with ATmega128 microcontroller
  • Learn the concept of Pick and Place Robot
  • Learn to interface color sensor and study of application like color detection and sorting
  • Gaining knowledge about Robotics and ATmega128 microcontroller
  • Wi-Fi Module Interface

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