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Nvis 3305 RoboLeg is a next generation legged robot platform with marvelous design and capabilities. It has 6 degrees of freedom which gives it stable walking steps using 6 servo motors. The main board of the RoboLeg can drive up to 6 servo motors in parallel. There are various ports, I2C, SPI and USART connectors for variety of applications like sensor interfacing.

RoboLeg can perform various effective movements like Right Kick, Left Kick, Stretching, Forward walk and Reverse Walk. It is very easy to drive all these movements using menu switches and LCD provided on the main board. It can be controlled using wireless device, or using PC interface and software.

Nvis 3305, RoboLeg is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

Product Features

  • 6 DOF moving capability
  • Main board featuring various ports and connectors for range of applications
  • Wireless RF controlled
  • High torque metal geared Servo motor
  • Online Product Tutorial

Scope of Learning

  • Learn to interface Servo motor 

  • Gaining knowledge about two legged walking principle

  • Gaining knowledge about advance level programming for forward/reverse 4 walking principle, right/left kick, stretching and many more

  • Learn wireless control over RoboLeg using RF module

  • Control using PC interface and software 

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